Bulding your best

Enrollments closed 22nd October

The science, art and action of building your best. Within 30 Days. Get your edge, get ahead and get aligned.

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Building Your Best Foudation

30 Day intensive for those who want to take their leadership and thinking to the next level.

This course has been specifically designed to train and remove the roadblocks for those looking to lead both themselves and influence others.

This course acts as a preliminary for those seeking to take on advanced thinking levels, greater challenges and just want practical tools and insights to transform their mind.

Those involved over the 30 Days will get the following:

  • The 8 Principals of High-Performance Living & Meaning Making
  • 16 Videos to help develop your bigger game plan with action and tools
  • NXT LVL Membership + a cool badge and battle pack in the mail
  • On Mission Platform access to the most sophisticated planning and execution software.

This course is foundational and requires no previous knowledge. Please only apply if you are indeed serious about setting the foundation for who you want to become.

Enrollment closed 22nd October 2020